We’re a small, dedicated team of search engine digital marketing professionals, whose focus is “return on investment” SEO for businesses across London and the UK. We embody SEO and are honoured to pave the way in exciting, cutting-edge search engine optimisation that delivers on our promise.

Results are the central hub of everything we do. As a creative and almost fanatical consultancy, we have worked with a wide variety of local businesses in London, the UK and United States.

Though we provide an array of digital marketing solutions our primary product and first love is SEO, and it’s what we do best.

Businesses owners are the DNA of our company. Combined with huge passion & leading performance our promise is to increase your online exposure to the people that matter to your business, and develop systems that convert them into real leads, customers and clients.

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Welcome I’m Michelle Bielby, founder of Metro Web Team. We are proudly appearing high on page one of Google for a collection of the most competitive keyword phrases in the city of London and throughout the rest of the UK.

Go ahead and search out our company on Google using keyword phrases such as SEO consultant London, SEO services London and SEO agency London.

These types of keywords are competitive because every London SEO agency wants their flagship site appearing on page 1 for the very services they offer. Google search is the very first place a customer will visit to find the products, services and information they are looking for.

But apart from driving thousands of monthly visitors to our website there is one element that we feel separates Metro Web Team from every other search engine optimisation company in the city, and its source is very important to every business that desires real online growth…Our unique ability to rank more than one property on page 1 of Google search…We have a long and proven track record in ranking social properties high up on page 1 as well as business websites.

By social properties we mean Facebook Business pages, Twitter pages, Yell and Yelp listing pages, YouTube Videos, LinkedIn pages and more…It’s a part of our service and it allows us to blanket page 1 of Google for local businesses preferred keyword phrases – usually the keywords your customers are using to find the products and services you offer. If you’re looking for proof of our results call our team now 0208 088 0144 and we will show you real examples that are live in Google right now.

Metro Web Team SEO Agency London

The 6 Reasons Why our potential clients choose Metro Web Team to manage and grow their businesses online

1. No Outsourcing – This is something we are very proud of. A client capacity means we can comfortably manage each of our clients’ portfolios in-house and there’s no need for us to sell our campaigns to foreign agencies. We remain in full control of your SEO optimisation from beginning to end.

2. Completion Date – Another factor that separates us from other London marketing agencies is our commitment to providing an end date for every client. It works so well because we thrive on goals and targets and our clients can clearly easily measure when their business will see Google ranking results, increased revenue and return on investment.

3. Client capacity – Working with a limited number of clients to ensure fulfilment – Metro Web Team work with just 18 clients during any period. Because we provide a completion date we know when we can next partner with a new client.

4. Live Reports – Metro Web Team do NOT implement monthly reports! Instead we provide Live Reports. Each client has full access to our private, dedicated web pages. These are similar to a private Facebook group where all of the milestones are laid out with completion dates set against them. As each element is completed and marked off our clients get instant email progress notifications.

And our Live Google ranking reports are equally responsive. We provide our clients with the facility to check where their website is appearing in Google in real time, day or night. So progress can be measured a little or as often as needed.

5. Track Record – A long and proven history of ranking websites for local London keyword phrases, national rankings and we also have clients in America. Metro Web Team demonstrates our Google ranking results before partnering with a new business.

6. Guarantee – A guarantee is very important to us. We personalise each guarantee and tailor it to each individual business we work with. Because every business is so different it makes perfect sense that the guarantee fits the goals and objectives of each business individually.

If you like the way we are currently doing business head over to our Discovery page, take the first step and apply for our London SEO Consultancy Services now.




Making your money work hard for you year on year. Our SEO is proactive – Affordable enough for you to make a healthy return on investment with just a couple of sales each month. Robust enough to stand the test of time.


Open and transparent search engine optimisation. Our open door policy is there for you to ask questions and get them answered the same day. We encourage participation as much or as little as you need. Get the personal emails and phone numbers of your small, dedicated team of professional SEO’s.


Monthly reports are a dying trend. We provide Live reports so you can see progress on a day by day basis. We include timely news and important updates in the industry.


We belong to the top mastermind group on earth that contains the very best SEO marketers. Our discussion is strategy, algorithms, what’s working and what to move away from. It’s our responsibility to stay on top of the industry so you benefit from that knowledge firsthand.

Our Company Services

Website ranking is the common route for businesses that are looking to grow online revenue to new levels. But promotional videos and social pages are still untapped channels for most local businesses tackling local markets.

Whatever your goals, Metro Web Team have a proven track record in producing and directing online visitors where we want them to go, that creates revenue generating results.

Google Page 1

We tend to rank business websites first. However, we have vast experience in bringing an array of social properties onto page 1 of Google. With multiple pages dominating page 1 for a preferred keyword phrase we can help your business syphon the majority of traffic to your products, information and services.

Visitors to Customers

The hardest part is pulling your online property onto page 1. But what good are website visitors that drop off and never come back? Our small team of professionals are skilled in converting visitors into real leads, customers and clients and this is where the real magic of Metro Web Team is found.

Portfolio Privacy

Partnering with a company that keeps your portfolio private, where the entire project is executed by a team of local professionals, is vital to your businesses online growth and success. Who wants to pay a company for SEO if that company sells your project to the highest overseas bidder?

Site Design

Website design is a great skill and we know how to build attractive, high converting webpages. But if all you are looking for is a new website Metro Web Team is not your best option. We are SEO agency London professionals.

Social Presence

Social Media management is one of those subjects that commonly confuses business owners. How do I leverage social media and actually make money doing it? As a leading SEO expert London company we have developed a rinse and repeat process to getting the most from your social channels. Social property is built to drive targeted traffic to your calls to action, products and services. Metro Web Team have proven strategies to do exactly that.