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By March 23, 2016SEO Talk

Careers and Online Presence

How do SEO and your Career Path fit together? We all know search engine optimisation is a powerful tool. Being in the first three listings on first page of a Google search is essential for lead generation. When it comes down to it, people are too busy in their own lives to consider more than the first three options that present themselves that appear to meet their need. How this Optimisation links in with your professional world is what I’m bringing to this discussion.

In order to ‘Optimise’ your career, your business, the service you provide or the entrepreneurship you have begun, you must be really clear about your purpose. You need to have found your niche by asking and refining just why you want to follow this career path. You need to know exactly where you will pitch the identity of your business. You need to have refined just how you can develop your service to meet The Sweet Spot. You need to understand what drives your entrepreneurial hopes and dreams.

The above questions can tap into the 5 simplest Coaching questions: What did you do? What could you do differently? When will you do this? How will you know you have done it? What will get on your way and how will you overcome it? Combine these powerful questions with your explorations of your core values, your professional identity (s), and your unique skills and capabilities and you will form a very clear picture of the thread that joins what can at first appear to be quite the disparate facets of any human existence. Through this process you will identify the true and authentic purpose of your professional development.

When have hold of your authentic pathway, then, and only then do you have something to Optimise. The purpose of this career coach is to enable you to choose your own authentic career path and enable you to identify your next practical steps to making it happen. The purpose of SEO on this context is to optimise all that work you will have done to refine your career vision, in order to capitalise on all the potential business that awaits you.

About the author

Rebecca Hartnell is a professional career coach based in Bristol UK. Rebecca specializes in career coaching, mentoring and clinical supervision, supporting individuals to the right roles within professional environments.

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