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SEO Agency LondonThe snack pack or 3 pack isn’t the official name, but it does help explain the set of local businesses in London (or your local area) that Google gives you when using keywords related to your business and its products and services. These results are found from your prospects searches for information, products, organisations and businesses.

Our SEO Agency London Case Study

In this short case study we are looking at London’s local search results for “cosmetic surgery.” When entering this keyword phrase into Google with the city name “London” the results are just like this – targeted results for surgeons in the London area. These snack pack results are what Google believes are the most relevant for this search. They don’t appear by accident.

Each listing has some commonalities that help it find a prevalent position on page 1.


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It’s quite easy to see why these types of Google search results are an ideal part of a digital marketing solution for local businesses. They provide exactly what the searcher is looking for. Local, relevant businesses just like yours, which have the perfect opportunity to showcase services online in a hyper-targeted way.

If you happened to be a surgeon that owns a business in London and you are NOT appearing in the snack pack you’d be right in thinking that there are fresh, targeted leads and revenue that you’re missing out on.

Once your business is listed in the snack pack for keyword phrases that are appropriate to the products and services you offer you will get a steady stream of targeted visitors to your website. The 3 pack is actually a lot bigger and contains around 15 local businesses. But to find the remaining 12 you are relying on searchers clicking the ‘find more’ tab at the bottom of the window. Our tests show that less than 4% of searches are actually using that tab. So there is no doubt that being in the top 3 of this Google business listing is the only way to go.


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Directly below (and occasionally above) the business pack are the organic results for your keyword search.

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Organic Google is traditional SEO and being in the #1 position here reaps the biggest rewards of all. So it’s important to realise that organic #1 rankings bring the greatest amount of visitors and ultimately sales. At Metro Web Team our Google experts have always found snack pack listings to be hugely beneficial for local business; particularly those businesses that thrive with mobile search (plumbers, hair salons, locksmiths, restaurants, engineers etc. – note that mobile search always pulls local business listings ahead of organic.)

Now we can see some value in a snack pack listing let’s take a brief look at the revenue your business is missing out on by not appearing:

Here we are looking at the search volume each month for the same keyword “cosmetic surgery London”.

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Even a moderate increase of 15% can easily bring a listed surgeon almost 90 new, targeted leads and possible patients…Clearly there will need to be adequate conversion elements in place for a website to encourage visitors to make a call or complete a contact form. But bringing the traffic to a website is 75% of the work done. Converting those visitors into paying clients is simply a matter of testing.

Also consider we are talking about one keyword phrase here. Google often serve snack pack listings for number of related keywords in almost every imaginable industry and niche.

You may want to consider what your average customer value is and then estimate converting around 20% of your new online visitors into customers and clients.

Your conversion rate is a measure of the number of potential customers that go on to buy. In the context of a website, it is usually the percentage of visitors that make a purchase.

The above example outlines a minimum of 88 new visitors to the website as a result of a prominent snack pack listing:
A surgeon’s moderate average client value is around: £5,000
The new leads per month was: 88
Convert 20% of those new leads into clients: 18
Additional Revenue Result: £90,000

A surgeon’s customer value is reasonably high so the new income stream is greater than that of many business types. But your placement in the snack pack will determine how many fresh, targeted leads your business will generate through Google search. Bringing your business up into the snack pack is really the most difficult part of this whole process. Once you are appearing where you need to be it’s simply a matter of testing for your conversion rate and increasing revenue.

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