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What is Video Marketing?

Video Marketing Agency LondonIn simple terms, video marketing involves integrating videos into your existing marketing campaign in order to promote your product, service, or business. Over 90% of online shoppers (your customers and clients) report that videos are helpful when they are considering a purchase. This is one of the primary reasons businesses are turning to a Metro Web Team (SEO Expert London) to help create videos that are both engaging and informative.
Video marketing can be broken down into two categories: “marketing a video” and “marketing with video”.
Marketing a Video
When businesses consider video marketing as “marketing a video”, they are usually trying to create brand awareness for their company. To do this, we create a video that gives viewers a look at the brand and is to the point and designed to be shown anywhere (social media etc.) and shared with others. When it is taken to the extreme, these videos become so persuasive that they often market themselves and turn viral. As a result, these videos tend to be geared more toward entertainment and less toward providing information.
After we have created the video its sent out to a wide range of video sharing sites, such as YouTube,, and Vimeo. At the same time, a social media campaign, including Twitter and Instagram posts and reaching out to bloggers, is often implemented to generate buzz and convince potential customers they need to see this video. If your business is considering managing this process you can use third party tools such TubeMogul. (TubeMogul gives companies the ability to direct their videos to various video sharing sites, while using a single dashboard to track the number of views across these channels.)
Here’s an outstanding example of a “marketing a video” campaign that ended up going viral and being wildly successful
Metro Web Team London – Marketing With Video
Businesses that turn to “marketing with video” are more often than not trying to sell a certain service or product and turning to video to give customers a better understanding of it and overall user experience (your customers and clients may prefer a video to an article.) This usually involves integrating a video into a direct marketing campaign, such as a promotion or newsletter. One of the best examples of “marketing with video” is a business that inserts a video into their website to provide a product summary. Other great examples of “marketing with video” are:
  • Using recorded webinars to generate leads
  • Gathering data on user engagement to optimise a purchase funnel
  • Inserting a video into an email campaign to gain a better understanding of who is truly interested in the product and more likely to become customers and clients
Overall, “marketing with video” is intended to better market something to a person who is already engaged with your company, either by visiting your website, downloading a whitepaper, following you on social media or signing up for your newsletter.
 When choosing whether your company should be “marketing with video” or “marketing a video”, it’s important to look at what your overall goals are.
If you business wants to leverage the power of video to generate brand awareness and bring more customers and clients to your business, telephone our office now for more information and get your questions answered.
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