Shattered Perceptions of Social Media

By November 17, 2015Social Talk

social networking for businessBy now you probably know that effective social media marketing is crucial for success, but do you really know how to use social media to its full advantage? If your goal is find more customers, enhance your reputation, and increase your sales, the following tips are what you’ve been looking for to help you improve your social media marketing.

Streamline your ground zero

Your website is your home base; you control everything from design to content and user interface. For the best results, you want a design that is professional, uncluttered, and contains high-quality content that shows off your expertise in an accessible and likable way. Yes, its okay to for a site to be stylish, but it don’t let it look confusing or amateurish.

Visit others that have a similar customer base           

Social networking makes it easy to cultivate relationships that will help grow your business. Look for others who have a good-sized audience, such as authors, bloggers, and writers with columns in mainstream media, or podcast hosts that fit your service or products. Comment on their social platforms and blogs, link to their content, and generally be a nice person.

Don’t give in to any temptation to create controversy or pick fights. If you plan to take a controversial stance, make sure it is one that actually matters and be respectful when expressing your opinion.

Choose a main platform (but spread your wings)

Base this decision on where your target customers are most likely to be. Start with this one platform and once you have it up and running smoothly, you can move on to a second platform. Improve your time management skills.

If you do not set aside a specific period of time each day to focus on your social media sites, they will quickly begin to consume your life. This will significantly impact your productivity. Spend the majority of your time on your home base and set a limit to how much time you can spend there. To do this, determine how much time you really need to spend checking in and socialising. Then, set a timer on your phone to go off when time is up. Log OFF when time is up.

Focus on content first and conversation second  

While a number of social media experts state your business should focus on the Conversation or chatting with potential customers in the hopes that they will one day make a purchase, this really isn’t a good idea. Your best option is to spend the majority of your time creating content that will appeal to a wider audience. If you find someone else’s contents that you believe customers will find valuable, share it…you can even add a few of your own thoughts. This is crucial to increasing traffic.

This doesn’t mean you should forget about networking with customers. You still need to be personable, look out for complaints, and network with peers, but this should take a backseat to creating content.

SEO is still important

It’s a misconception that search engine optimisation isn’t important in terms of social media sharing. It actually complements it very well. Search engines look for content that is helpful and user friendly. Be sure your social media content fits these criteria.

Remember social media isn’t about stroking your ego 

When you use social media simply to stroke your ego, you waste time. Using social media strategically (focusing on sending a useful message and relevant content) is the best way to use it effectively. This is the place to answer user’s questions, offer solutions to different problems, and provide expert tips.

The goal is to create a home base that communicates directly to your visitors, so be sure to tie your opinions and necks back to how they can impact your visitors.

Choose the right face of your business

For social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, a human face is crucial for success. While you don’t want to share everyone about the person you really are with your social media followers, you do want to adopt a persona that is social and informal. Be sure your posts include an array of your emotions, observations, and thoughts, but be sure they are relevant, entertaining, and appropriate for visitors. Don’t think you have to stick to business all the time; show that you have a life, without being boring, uncaring, or rude.

David Grains